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KPI Name: Accounting Firm Balanced Scorecard Metrics

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Some reports were generated with Balanced Scorecard Designer for the Accounting Firm Balanced Scorecard Metrics KPI to show both – Balanced Scorecard Designer functionality and a part of KPI content:

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Description by authors:

Regular analysis of “critical factors in accounting firms can be as effective as it is in any other business sphere. KPIs developed on the basis of firm-s structure, operating goals and strategies provide a purposeful direction to the firm and can guarantee success to a great extent, if implemented properly. Accounting firms, being service based organizations, need to be careful while selecting their KPIs.

In this regard, basically four perspectives can be considered. These are:-Financial perspective; Customer perspective; Internal process perspective; and Workforce plans.

Financial perspective includes fee revenue, margins, professional salaries and reduced receivables.This perspective specifies the firm-s long-term objectives and implements tangible financial outcomes of the firm-s strategy.

Job turnaround time, client complaints, number of client referrals and number of client contacts per week are included in customer perspective which together indicate the value proposition that the firm will apply in an attempt to satisfy its customers.

Internal process perspective, also considered as the administrative tasks consists of utilization rate, bidding estimates, new softwares implemented and percentage of profitable projects as KPIs.

The fourth perspective i.e. workforce plans, acts as an effective tool that help in identifying issues related to human resources in an accounting firm. HR resources are their biggest assets. This perspective consists of number of training hours provided to the employees, reduction in attrition, reduced administration hours and reduced overheads.

Effective monitoring of these perspectives can finally lead to performance improvement of the firm which can make the firm more strategy-focussed.

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This is the actual scorecard with Accounting Firm Dashboard and performance indicators.